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As you can tell, I'm not near my computer now, so I'll be content to collect good information for my SCUBA page, which isn't finished yet. My industrial safety page isn't complete either, but I'll be working on it soon! Please bear with me until I get out on dry land and find time to get them finished.

I work in the quality control laboratory in a chemical plant south of Alvin, Texas. You can read details about my favorite interests, SCUBA diving and industrial safety, on their respective pages, but I'll give you the Readers Digest version here so you can get to know me.

I starting diving shortly after my son, Travis, did. He was the ultimate diving buddy, very good at it, and always learning more. Unfortunately, his death in 1995 (non-diving related) suddenly stopped the greatest joy I could have; diving with my buddy, my son. I have not stopped, but have continued, as I know he would have wanted me to do. I am an Assistant Instructor these days, largely because I know Travis would have liked that. I have enjoyed this immensely because of, and inspite of , my instructor and best friend, Randy. :-) Diving just came naturally to me. I've served as paramedic, firefighter, and confined space/ high angle rescue captain. It seemed only logical to don environmental protection gear and air tanks to go where there are pretty fish, rather than smoke and flames.

I have been involved in the emergency response field for 20 years, and have my undergraduate degree in it. I was the EMS coordinator for a college in Texas City, Texas where I taught paramedic courses. I have served on several state EMS committees, and have spoken at several local, regional, state and national conferences. I have also published a number of articles for magazines and trade journals in the emergency response and management field. I really enjoy speaking to groups and meeting new people. Well, enough in the introduction. My other pages will evolve as time passes. Let me know what you think of them. I can be reached at gwaites@omegastar.com.

My wife, Kathy, is a senior studying special education at University of Houston - Clear Lake. My son, Travis, was an accomplished SCUBA diver by the age of 16. My daughter, Sarah is a very good student, and the default keeper of our dog, Sweet Pea.

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